Hey Mama, what if I told you that...

Learning for your children is EFFORTLESS, EXCITING and ADDICTIVE!

And imagine if this were all possible without the need for nagging, bribes, schedules, lesson plans or a constant stream of activity setups


What if everything we knew about learning is WRONG?


It is a huge myth that we need to TEACH before our children will LEARN.

If it were true, children would never learn how to crawl, walk or talk would they?

Fact is, children are intrinsically wired to WANT TO LEARN.

But that fire for learning will fizzle out if we do not fan the flames for learning to occur.

The honest truth here, in my opinion, is that parents are the ones who need to be taught how children learn!

So that the entire process of learning becomes easy and effortless and learning time doesn’t seem like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard

The latter was the kind of learning I grew up with as a child.

Stacks and stacks of workbooks and assessment books. Timetables. Schedules. Hours of tuition and supplementary lessons.  

Play was only reserved for rest/leisure.

What if your children could experience learning differently to how YOU experienced learning in your childhood?

Learn how to fan the flames of a child's natural curiosity and desire to learn

  • Discover exactly what children are learning when they play
  • Understand the fundamental ways of how children learn so you can help them learn naturally and with ease
  • Learn how to recognise the endless opportunities for learning through everyday play and everyday life  

What Others Are Saying

Doreen (mum of 4yo & 2yo)

"My intentions and mental preparations have changed to better suit their needs and learning patterns.  I can also see that they enjoy playing open-ended toys and the best result so far is that my elder one is self-motivated to approach the toys and didn't need my presence for a good while.

If you're thinking twice because you may not have the time to watch it or invest time to apply, then I can attest to it that you don't have to go through ALL of the materials to be able to make a difference or change. It's a gradual process and it takes time, yes, but there's no regrets. It's one of the best investments I've made. 

Tiffany (mum of 2.5 year old)

“I used to screenshot activities I see on social media, set them up for my child and pressure him to complete them. Then when he doesn’t want to do them, I wonder why I bother setting these up in the first place.

But now I often just go with the flow and I feel like I don’t have to force anything. The biggest change so far is within myself. Letting go of expectations and not worrying about whether I’m doing enough, I realise that when I do less, they actually learn more.”

Jasmine (mum of 15 month old)

"Being a first-time mom, I did not really know how to go about it and have no idea on how to start a child-led play environment in the house, so I wanted to learn from the basics on creating a inclusive and conducive fun learning environment for my child at home.

Now, my 15 month old toddler is able to play independently in her own play space I have created for her based on what I have learnt from the program on creating an inviting play space."

So what will we cover in our time together?

Here are a few areas that we plan on covering in 

The Authentic Learning Experience

Physical Development | Socio- Emotional Development | Cognitive Development | Communication & Language Development | Approaches to Learning | Learning Styles | Early Literacy Skills | Early Numeracy Skills | STEM education | Sensitive Periods | Types of Play | Stages of Play | Multi-Aged Play | Scaffolding Strategies | Play Engagement Strategies | Toy Recommendations | Book Recommendations + so much more.

The Authentic Learning Method is focused on you making progress. 

Which of these stages speak to you the most?

Stage 1

Envision Your Eden

You are new to the idea of authentic learning. You’re ready to unlearn your preconceived ideas about play and learning and you’re excited about the possibilities of what learning effortlessly through unstructured play and everyday life could look like. It is time to get clear on your WHY and your BIG vision (goals & dreams) for the future of your child’s learning.

Stage 2

Study Your Seed

You are beginning to see that children learn through play, but you are not convinced that all play is meaningful and valuable. You are very much in the experimental stage of authentic learning as you begin to learn more about your individual child, discovering his/her interests, learning styles, temperament, love language and stage of development.

Stage 3

Prepare the Space

You are finding your confidence as an attuned parent. You are becoming more intentional in making time and space for play and learning to happen organically and authentically (i.e. more child-directed and less adult-led). You are starting to see opportunities for learning throughout the day. It’s time for you to leverage the power of the prepared environment by setting up and maintaining a well-thought-out space for your children to play and learn independently.

Stage 4

Strengthen the Roots

You are reaping the benefits of having a prepared environment for your child in terms of his/her ability to play independently for moderate to long periods of time. You are also starting to recognise all the learning that occurs during play. You know play is a way of connecting with your child but you are also beginning to see the immense resource and value you bring as a purposeful playmate and you are keen to learn the art of playing with your child.

Stage 5

Bloom and Grow

You are fully convinced that all play is learning. You can clearly articulate all the learning that is taking place during play and recognise the learning opportunities that present itself in everyday life. You’re also able to confidently facilitate spontaneous teachable moments to extend on your child’s learning. You are parenting with the assurance and the peace of mind that your children are self-motivated and are constantly learning, even when it seems like they are “just playing”.

So, where are you on The Authentic Learning Journey?

Did you identify with any of the characteristics outlined in the stages of this journey?

Perhaps you connected with one stage right away.

Perhaps you find yourself scattered across several stages.

The beauty of The Authentic Learning Journey that I’ve created is that it is focused on you making progress and taking the next action in helping you discover how you can help your child learn naturally and with ease.

When you become a Member of the Authentic Learning Experience, you’ll get access to :  

Monthly Masterclasses

Get developmental insights from various professionals in the early childhood field and strategies on best practices for encouraging play and learning.

The Authentic Learning Experience Community

Be part of an incredible community of like-minded parents who are passionate about learning how to support their children's learning and development through play and everyday life and be inspired by how authentic learning looks different for every family and in every home.

Group Coaching and Support

Month-by-month live coaching including exclusive behind-the-scenes, toy and book recommendations to support your child's learning and development and so much more.

Lifetime Pricing

This is a special founders price. At the next member intake, the price will increase. So enjoy the locked in price for as long as you wish to remain a member and your account remains in good standing.



The Authentic Learning Experience,

you'll get to...

parent with CONFIDENCE that you are helping your child to learn, develop and setting them up for success in later life.

parent with MORE JOY, and LESS OVERWHELM because you are not wasting your time creating activities that they are not interested in or engaging in unnecessary power struggles with regards to learning.

parent with ASSURANCE and PEACE OF MIND that you are intentionally making the most out of the precious time that you have with your children.

Meet Your Authentic Learning Coach

Well hello there! I'm Jules, founder of Stories of Play

I was a fully qualified early childhood teacher for several years after receiving a Masters in Early Years.

I’ve learnt so many things on the job with regards to child development, the value of play as well as how children learn.

And then I became a mum to 3 kids in 3 years.

And added business to the mix, working from home on top of all the chaos of parenting 3 little people on a daily basis.

To say that I’m a busy mum is a massive understatement!

And yet my children have continued to engage in joyful playful learning on the daily,

without needing more of my effort and time

Without adding more stress and overwhelm onto my full plate

I’ve now taken EVERYTHING I KNOW as teacher and mum, drawing from my knowledge and experiences as an early childhood teacher as well as a SAHM of 3 kids under 4, to create this membership teaching you how to confidently help your children to learn, effortlessly and without any overwhelm

So you can parent CONFIDENTLY, JOYFULLY, and have the PEACE OF MIND that your children are constantly learning.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that The Authentic Learning Method works when you show up with consistency and apply it in your home. Therefore, we have a no refunds policy.

There is also no locked-in contract

I genuinely want you to get immense value and transformation out of this program, which is why I am committed to do everything I can to support you on your journey of implementing authentic learning in your home.

But if you decide that we aren’t the right fit for one another, you can rest assured knowing that you aren’t locked in to any contract and you can walk away at any time. Simply send us an email at and request to leave the Authentic Learning Experience. I promise there’ll be no hard feelings :)

Invest in YOUR Children's future!

Invest in YOUR Confidence & Peace of Mind as a parent!

Come join me inside of The Authentic Learning Experience and let me show you how you can help your children learn more with ease.