Doors to Authentic Learning Now Closed

Hey Mama, what if I told you that...

Learning for your children is EFFORTLESS, EXCITING and ADDICTIVE!

And imagine if this were all possible without the need for nagging, bribes, schedules, lesson plans or a constant stream of activity setups?

Discover how you can help your children learn effortlessly through everyday play and everyday life.

Have you ever spent hours setting up educational activities after activities in the hope of helping your child “learn through play”, only for them to engage with it for just 2 minutes or be completely disinterested in the activity?

Have you nagged, bribed, or insisted on your disengaged child to sit and learn their letters and numbers?

Do you often try to make sure that your child clocks in a certain number of hours learning every day and wonder if THEY are learning enough?

Do you often ask yourself if YOU are doing enough to help your children learn, develop and set them up for success in later life?

If that sounds like you mama, you are most definitely NOT ALONE!
As parents, we all want to do and give our children the best.

I want you to meet Tiffany, a member inside of my program.

Tiffany (mum of 2.5 year old) says…

I used to screenshot activities I see on social media, set them up for my child and pressure him to complete them. Because I have expectations that he needs to know certain things like his ABCs and 123s. Then when he doesn’t want to do them, I wonder why I bother setting these up in the first place.

But now I often just go with the flow and I feel like I don’t have to force anything. The biggest change so far is within myself. Letting go of expectations and not worrying about whether I’m doing enough, I realise that when I do less, they actually learn more.

But what if I told you that children don’t need to be taught in order to learn?
If that wasn’t true, children would never learn how to crawl or walk or talk would they?

It is a huge myth that we need to TEACH
before our children will LEARN.

Children are intrinsically wired to WANT TO LEARN.

But that fire for learning will fizzle out if we do not fan the flames for learning to occur.

In the worst-case scenario,

Learning could potentially be a very futile and PAINFUL process for both parent and child if all we do is FORCE THEM TO LEARN.

The truth here is that...

Parents are the ones who need to be taught how children learn!

So that the entire process of learning becomes easy and effortless
And learning doesn’t seem like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard

Just imagine, what if…

Your children are always eager to learn!

And your children are hungry for knowledge!

What would that look like?

More importantly, what would that feel like?

As a homeschooling mum, my children play all day. I don’t do any planned activities or follow any homeschool curriculum.

I don’t have to actively SEEK TO TEACH them about letters, numbers, reading and writing simply because numbers, letters and words are all around us and there are DAILY OPPORTUNITIES to learn about them in meaningful and authentic ways.

This is the type of learning that will grow, continue and expand.

The type of learning that sticks.

This is exactly how my 4yo has joyfully and excitedly learnt how to recognise and write all her letters and numbers!

And now I want to show you how you can get your children excited about learning too!

Even if you don’t have a teaching degree
Even if you don’t have a burning desire to homeschool
Even if you don’t have a lot of spare time lying around


Authentic Learning

My 4-week online course to show you how you can help your children become motivated and self-directed learners who learn effortlessly, without the need for learning schedules, curriculums and lesson plans or setting up a constant stream of activities.

The course will start on Monday 13 April. Each module will be delivered weekly over four weeks. Enrol today to gain Life Time access to Authentic Learning

Discover exactly what children are learning when they play

Understand the fundamental ways of how children learn so you can help them learn naturally and with ease

Learn how to recognise the endless opportunities for learning through everyday play and everyday life

Mazirah (mum of 3yo) says…

I am more mindful of authentic learning and have observed how she is more willing to do activities when it’s meaningful for her. I learnt to read her cues and observe what interests her so that I can catch those teachable moments.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Authentic Learning!

Play is not a frivolous time-filler slot in between all the more important time blocks set aside for learning.

Module 1

An Introduction to Early Childhood Learning and Development

  • Learn the 5 Areas of Early Childhood Development
  • Understand Approaches to Learning and Why They Are Important
  • The Academic Stuff: Early Literacy, Early Numeracy & S.T.E.M
Module 2

How Children Learn Through Play

  • Discover my F.A.R.T.S framework for how children learn
  • Learn the 4 Building Blocks for Authentic Learning at Home
Module 3

Opportunities for Learning in Everyday Life

  • Discover the 3 Most Effective Routines in the Day for Authentic Learning
  • Learn the 3 Must-Have Parenting Skills/ Qualities You Need for Authentic Learning
Module 4

Opportunities for Learning in Everyday Play

  • Different Types of Play and their Developmental Benefits
  • How to Choose the Right Toys for Optimal Learning and Development


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Rebeca (mum of 3 kids) says…

I am a stay at home mum of 3 little ones, and I felt like I was running out of ideas/ had no idea of how to present ways for my kids to play and grow in their own independence and creativity. I felt like I needed inspiration, something that was authentic but also easy to do because life is busy.

Since doing the program I have been able to relax and not feel so pressured in how I was presenting play time to my kids, they have played longer on their own at times, other times they have created things I didn't know they could do.

Learn how to fan the flames of a child’s NATURAL CURIOSITY and their DESIRE TO LEARN

And they will be equipped with the skills that will set them up to be lifelong learners with the ability to master whatever it is that they need in their future.


Authentic Learning, you'll get to...

parent with CONFIDENCE that you ARE helping your child to learn, develop and setting them up for success in later life.

parent with MORE JOY, LESS STRESS and LESS OVERWHELM because you are not wasting your time creating activities that they are not interested in or engaging in unnecessary power struggles with regards to learning.

parent with ASSURANCE and PEACE OF MIND that you are intentionally making the most out of the precious time that you have with your children
when you have so much to do, and there is so little time with the ever-increasing demands of modern-day life.

Meet Your Authentic Learning Coach!

Well hello there! I'm Jules, founder of Stories of Play

I was a fully qualified early childhood teacher for several years after receiving a Masters in Early Years.

I’ve learnt so many things on the job with regards to child development, the value of play as well as how children learn.

And then I became a mum to 3 kids in 3 years.

And added business to the mix, working from home on top of all the chaos of parenting 3 little people on a daily basis.

To say that I’m a busy mum is a massive understatement!

And yet my children have continued to engage in joyful playful learning on the daily,
without needing more of my effort and time
Without adding more stress and overwhelm onto my full plate

I’ve now taken EVERYTHING I KNOW as teacher and mum, drawing from my knowledge and experiences as an early childhood teacher as well as a SAHM of 3 kids under 4, to create this online course teaching you how to confidently help your children to learn, effortlessly and without any overwhelm

So you can parent CONFIDENTLY, JOYFULLY, and have the PEACE OF MIND that your children are constantly learning.

Invest in YOUR Children's future!

Invest in YOUR Confidence & Peace of Mind as a parent!

Come join me inside of Authentic Learning and let me show you how you can help your children learn more with ease.