Open-Ended Play Coaching Week with Jules

I'll show you over 5 fun, interactive and value-packed LIVE sessions how you can encourage Open-Ended Play with your child(ren), without having to break the bank!

open ended play parent and child playing

Hey friend,

If you've ever wondered - What's the big deal with open-ended play and why is it good for my child?

Or, thought to yourself - I love the idea of open-ended play but I just don't know where to start...

Or seen Insta photos of other kids engaged in open-ended play while you struggle to get your kids to play creatively and independently…

I hear you!

You are about to discover my secrets to how I helped my children develop a love for open-ended play.

Play that is imaginative and creative. Play that does not rely on elaborate set-ups or done-for-you printables. A no fuss sort of play that goes a long, long way (cause we’re all tired and busy amiright?) 

Play that is great, not just for our children, but for us- our time, our relationship with them, our wallets- yes it’s true!

And you know what, this can be your story too!

Here's what you'll be learning in this FREE 5 day live training...

Why open-ended play is more beneficial for your child than closed-ended, single-outcome type play. Understanding these fundamentals will help you curate the best play resources for your home, regardless of budget.

How your child fits into each of the stages of open-ended play and how you can use your understanding of these stages to guide them in their play.

What is your role as the parent, not just in preparation for their play, but also during and after their play. It's commonly known that play leads to learning opportunities, but do you truly know how to draw it out of them authentically?

What to do when play breaks down. Sibling conflict, lack of interest or adult interference are common contributing factors to why play breaks down. I'll give you the strategies to overcome these challenges.

Reap the benefits of open-ended play in your home!

storiesofplay profile

Hey there! I'm Jules :)

I’m a Masters qualified early childhood teacher, play-parenting coach and a homeschooling mum of 4 kids under 6.

It’s my passion in this life to help parents see the true value of play and to show them how to support their children in tapping into the limitless learning opportunities that exist in play.

I'd love to invite you to join me in this very special training week where I'll show you how you can encourage open-ended play in your home

The truth is...

Open-Ended Play cannot happen when you have a Close-Ended mindset!

The first step to bring open-ended play to your home is to equip yourself with the right tools and resources.

Need more details?

How do I access the training?

This LIVE Training event will be hosted in a private Facebook Group and is FREE to attend!

Register in the link provided for access to the group.

What if I cannot attend the LIVE sessions?

Don't worry! Video recordings of all the sessions will be made available in the private Facebook Group until Monday 28th of March, and will subsequently be archived into our members-only resource vault.