The Art of the Invitation Workshop

Learn how to create engaging play invitations in under 60 seconds

without needing elaborate activity set ups or fancy small worlds!


Let’s be honest - being a parent is busy and very few of us have the time to set up (and tidy!) elaborate play stations and activities.

Which is why invitations to play are lifesavers!

What is an invitation to play?

It’s literally that - an invitation, to a child, to play!

It’s NOT an invitation to play with a zoo, a safari, a forest, a fairy world, a unicorn world, a remote control car, or a fancy schmancy setup that takes you their entire naptime to prepare.

Rather, it’s an invitation to a child to do, imagine and create whatever it is they desire, with a little bit of guidance from you!

  • It’s quick and simple.
  • Less time and input from you.
  • More engagement from them.

Aaahhhh. How great does that sound?!

With invitations to play, the less you do, the more they play! In fact, the simpler the better!

Parents who utilise invitations to play:

  • Have more time in their days
  • Feel less exhausted and stressed
  • Are supporting their children to be independent creative thinkers
  • Have more energy to be completely present with, and attentive to, their children.

So much joy, fun and engagement for children comes from the process of creating and imagining what COULD BE, not so much in playing with an entire world that YOU have created for them.

And if you've resonated with any of this... I've got a special offer for you that you will love!


The Art of the Invitation Workshop

In this 90 minute workshop, I will show you how to set up invitations to play, in under 60 seconds, that will attract your children's attention AND keep them engaged.

You’ll walk away from the workshop with a toolkit of invitations that you can use, straight away in your home, that will entice your kids to play independently and keep them captivated for hours! 

No creativity is necessary!

Invitations to play are something anyone can do!

In this workshop, you will learn:


Discover what effective play invitations look like, and the power of utilising invitations that can be done in under 60 seconds


Master the art of the invitation with 7 simple and easy-to-implement strategies so your child will want to dive in and play


Learn how to troubleshoot when invitations don't work, and the 2 most powerful words that will make your invitation irresistible

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Hi, I'm Jules …

the founder of Stories of Play

I was an early childhood teacher for several years (and LOVED it!) after receiving a Masters degree in Early Years.

And then I became a mum to 4 kids in 6 years.

To say that I’m a busy and time poor mum is a massive understatement!

Despite this, my children engage in joyful and playful learning each and every day without adding stress and overwhelm onto my already full plate.

It’s my mission to help you unlock and harness the power of open-ended play in your home.

So you can parent CONFIDENTLY and JOYFULLY, knowing that you are giving your child a magical childhood and setting them up for success in later life.

Sign up today and learn how you can create engaging play invitations in under 60 seconds,

without needing elaborate activity set ups or fancy small worlds!