Join over 600+ parents today - the only play parenting program of its kind that helps parents connect the dots between play and learning!

Cultivate Creativity, Curiosity & A Love Of Learning Through Play

and raise resilient, independent and self-driven learners!


Doors close in:

open ended play parent and child playing

Research tells us that our children learn best through play.

More specifically, it's the type of play that encourages them to D.I.C.E.

(Discover. Imagine. Create. Explore)

It's how children are meant to grow, learn and develop skills for a future we can't predict.

Skills like creativity, confidence and resilience.

Imagine this with me!

What if...

Your child could wake up everyday excited to play and create?

Your child could engage in deeper and more focused play without constant input from you?

Learning was fun and meaningful rather than something you keep trying to force or plan for?

You could parent with more confidence, connection and less overwhelm?

The thing is,


I see them every day - in my own family but also with the hundreds of other families that I work with. 

"It really helped me open my eyes to see that learning is everywhere. I'm more intentional, more present, and it's really the kind of parent I want to be."

- Jillian

"I wish more parents know how beautiful play can be and I can see the difference play has made in our home!"

- Mima

"I'm not so stressed trying to plan activities for the day... Just watching them go after their own interest rather than me setting up something for them.. No more wasting time for me, plenty of fun for them"

- Peggen

Hi, I'm Jules,

the founder of Stories of Play

I was an early childhood teacher for several years (and LOVED it!) after receiving a Masters degree in Early Years.

And then I became a mum to 4 kids in 6 years.

To say that I’m a busy and time poor mum is a massive understatement!

Despite this, my children engage in joyful and playful learning each and every day without adding stress and overwhelm onto my already full plate.

It’s my mission to help you unlock and harness the power of learning through play in your home.

So you can parent CONFIDENTLY and JOYFULLY, knowing that you are giving your child a magical childhood and setting them up for success in later life.

Play and learning in your home doesn’t have to be a chore or battle that everyone dreads.

It can be enjoyable, meaningful and dare I say, truly magical! 

And I'd love to show you how to do this in your own home! 

Introducing My Signature Membership Program...

The Authentic Learning Experience

The only play parenting program of its kind that helps parents connect the dots between play and learning!

The Authentic Learning Experience (TALE) is a culmination of everything I’ve learned as an early childhood teacher and homeschooling mum of 4 kids under 8.

This monthly group membership will show you how to...

Unlock the JOY and WONDER of learning through play in your home.

Harness the power of learning through play, and raise CREATIVE, RESILIENT and SELF-DRIVEN learners.

Parent with CONFIDENCE and INTENTIONALITY, knowing that you are helping your child to play, learn and develop, setting them up for success in later life.

When you join my signature program, you’ll get access to:

Monthly Masterclasses

(Valued at $84/month)

Learn from myself or guest professionals in the early childhood field about child development and how to support play-based learning in your home.

Monthly Group Coaching and Support

(Valued at $97/month)

Get your questions answered plus all the support you need to confidently engage your child in open-ended play and learning opportunities.

TALE Private Communities

(Valued at $97/month)

Get inspired by how other parents embrace play-based learning in their homes, and feel supported by a group of like-minded people.

Lifetime Pricing


Enjoy a locked-in price regardless of future price increases for as long as you wish to remain a member!


Equip yourself with knowledge!

We have over 40+ masterclasses available at your fingertips, including everything you could possibly need to learn how to embrace, support & nurture play-based learning in your home.

On-demand and all part of your membership.

Showcase of TALE masterclasses

Here's the topics planned for this year.

The Authentic Learning Experience

Come join our thriving community!

One of the best parts of the membership is our community.

TALErs bond over a shared vision and goal, which is to bring the magic of learning through play into their homes. The Private Facebook & Instagram Community is designed to help you:

  • Stay inspired by being part of our active community.
  • Enjoy a safe space to share and seek guidance, and to
  • Find and connect with like-minded parents who share the same values

Plus, get these amazing bonuses when you join today!

Bonus 01

*BRAND NEW* Building Blocks for Academic Success Handbook

(Valued at $47)

The step-by-step guide to support your child to read, write and learn math through play

In this pdf guide, you will learn:

  • The relationship between play, developmental milestones and academics
  • What are the pre-literacy, pre-writing and pre-numeracy skills that your child needs
  • How to support literacy, writing development and numeracy skills through play

Bonus 02

*BRAND NEW* Developmental Milestones Checklist

(Valued at $37)

A comprehensive overview to typical developmental milestones for children aged 0-6 years across key areas of development

Bonus 03

The Art of the Invitation Workshop

(Valued at $97)

Discover how to set up engaging play invitations in under 60 seconds

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What is an "invitation to play" (and what it is not!)
  • Why your child may not be interested in play and what to do instead
  • How to master the art of the invitation
  • How to troubleshoot when your invitations don't work

Bonus 04

Block Play & Block Play Maximiser Workshops

(Valued at $194)

Discover how to help your child play creatively and learn with blocks

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How block play supports learning and development
  • The stages of block play and how to help your child move through the stages
  • How to create an environment that grabs their attention and gets them playing with blocks
  • How to engage in block play with your child to nurture their creativity and help them learn through block play

Bonus 05

Our "Raising Kids" Core Skills Masterclass Series

(Valued at $342)

Learn how to help your child develop core skills that would enable them to thrive in school and in life

List of Masterclasses in the series:

  • Raising Creative Kids workshop
  • Raising Resilient Kids masterclass
  • Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids masterclass
  • Raising Critical Thinkers masterclass
  • Raising Curious Kids masterclass
  • Raising Confident Kids in a Digital World masterclass

Here's Everything Thats Included!

Ready To Get Started? Sign Up Today!

Monthly Plan

$38 / Month

3-Monthly Plan (SAVE $26)

(Equivalent to $29/mth, paid 3-monthly, save 24%)

Yearly Plan (SAVE $168)

(Equivalent to $24/mth, paid yearly, save 37%)

TALE is a recurring subscription and you will be automatically billed each month, quarter, or year depending on the plan that you choose. However, there are no lock in contracts so you are free to cancel anytime before your next billing date!

Is TALE right for me?

The Authentic Learning Experience is for you if:

✅ You want to understand the fundamental ways that children learn so you can help them learn naturally and with ease

✅ You want to know exactly what children are learning when they play (so you can rest assured that play is about so much more than just having fun!)

✅ You want to learn how to recognise and extend on the learning opportunities that exist in play and in everyday life

✅ You're keen to connect with other like-minded parents in our active and growing community

If you check any one of those boxes, you're in the right place.

Hear what our members have to say!

Invest in your children's future!

Invest in YOUR confidence & peace of mind as a parent!

Join me inside of The Authentic Learning Experience and let me show you how to harness the power of learning through play and raise creative, resilient and self-driven learners!

Doors close in:


Still got questions?

What age group is TALE suited for?

TALE is suited for parents with kids aged 0-6 years old and families with multi-aged kids.

What if I cannot make the LIVE sessions?

Replays with timestamps/shownotes are made available for all sessions conducted if you are unable to attend live. Our current members are located all over the world and are able to access the replays at a time that suits them.

Can I join for a month first and then change my subscription to a different payment plan later?

Yes you can! Just send us an email and our team will help you with the next steps.

How much support is included?

This isn’t a 1-on-1 coaching program, so there isn’t any 1-on-1 consult sessions etc. We have monthly Q&A livestreams where we stay on to answer questions. However, we also love hanging out and providing support in the private group (and so do our members, who also give great suggestions and always have lots of awesome insights to share).  

Can I access the materials at my own pace or is there a time limit as to when I can access them?

Yes you can access the content in your own time. Pick and choose the topics that you are most interested in, or is most relevant to your child's current development stage, and consume the videos at your own pace.

Can my partner participate as well?

Absolutely! However, there will only be 1 account created in the learning portal (Kajabi), but both parents can request for access into our private Facebook and Instagram communities for inspiration and support.

Can I wait and join next month?

Nope! Unfortunately once doors close, you will have to wait months down the track to join. We don’t open up our signature programs very often, as this enables us to focus our attention on the members in our community. Our next open enrolment will be sometime in the middle of 2024, but it isn’t scheduled yet.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can. Just send us an email and our team will help you with the next steps.