The Art of the Invitation

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Simple and easy-to-implement strategies to get your children to engage more meaningfully and deeper in play.


Encourage Your Children To Engage in Meaningful Play by Nailing The Art Of The Invitation 

Did you know that how a toy, activity or experience is presented… matters?

I call it the art of the invitation.

To put it simply, it is essentially a way of offering activities and materials to children in an inviting way.

Because it determines whether children notice an activity in the first place.

It determines whether their interests are piqued and therefore whether they want to engage with a particular setup.

It determines whether they actually see the limitless possibilities of open-ended toys and whether their imaginations are sparked.

Now just a note that inviting does not mean an elaborate set up.

It’s simply a way to ENTICE them to engage in play.

It does not have to be fancy.

In fact, the simpler the better.

Here’s what you will get in The Art of the Invitation:

  • 5 of my BEST TIPS for nailing the art of the invitation 
  • Strategies that ANYONE can implement straightaway and see immediate results
  • 30 quick and simple setups that you can do in 60 sec or less to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing!

My goal with this resource is to equip you with some simple and easy-to-implement strategies when it comes to understanding the art of the invitation.

So you can get your children to engage more meaningfully and deeper in play

In 60 seconds or less 🙂

Ready to learn how you can nail the art of the invitation? 

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