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Hey mama, what if I told you that...

Learning for your children is EFFORTLESS, EXCITING and ADDICTIVE?

The Authentic Learning Experience

Discover how you can help your children learn effortlessly through everyday play and everyday life ...


Learn how to fan the flames of a child's natural curiosity and desire to learn

  • Discover exactly what children are learning when they play
  • Understand the fundamental ways of how children learn so you can help them learn naturally and with ease
  • Learn how to recognise the endless opportunities for learning through everyday play and everyday life  

As a homeschooling mum, my children play all day. I don’t do any planned activities or follow any homeschool curriculum.

I don’t have to actively SEEK TO TEACH them about letters, numbers, reading and writing simply because numbers, letters and words are all around us and there are DAILY OPPORTUNITIES to learn about them in meaningful and authentic ways.

This is the type of learning that will grow, continue and expand.

The type of learning that sticks.

And now I want to show you how you can get your children excited about learning too!

What Others Are Saying

Doreen (mum of 4yo & 2yo)

"My intentions and mental preparations have changed to better suit their needs and learning patterns.  I can also see that they enjoy playing open-ended toys and the best result so far is that my elder one is self-motivated to approach the toys and didn't need my presence for a good while.

If you're thinking twice because you may not have the time to watch it or invest time to apply, then I can attest to it that you don't have to go through ALL of the materials to be able to make a difference or change. It's a gradual process and it takes time, yes, but there's no regrets. It's one of the best investments I've made. 

Tiffany (mum of 2.5 year old)

“I used to screenshot activities I see on social media, set them up for my child and pressure him to complete them. Then when he doesn’t want to do them, I wonder why I bother setting these up in the first place.

But now I often just go with the flow and I feel like I don’t have to force anything. The biggest change so far is within myself. Letting go of expectations and not worrying about whether I’m doing enough, I realise that when I do less, they actually learn more.”

Jasmine (mum of 15 month old)

"Being a first-time mom, I did not really know how to go about it and have no idea on how to start a child-led play environment in the house, so I wanted to learn from the basics on creating a inclusive and conducive fun learning environment for my child at home.

Now, my 15 month old toddler is able to play independently in her own play space I have created for her based on what I have learnt from the program on creating an inviting play space."

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Get developmental insights from various professionals in the early childhood field and strategies on best practices for encouraging play and learning.

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Be part of an incredible community of like-minded parents who are passionate about learning how to support their children's learning and development through play and everyday life and be inspired by how authentic learning looks different for every family and in every home.

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The Authentic Learning Experience,

you'll get to...

parent with CONFIDENCE that you are helping your child to learn, develop and setting them up for success in later life.

parent with MORE JOY, and LESS OVERWHELM because you are not wasting your time creating activities that they are not interested in or engaging in unnecessary power struggles with regards to learning.

parent with ASSURANCE and PEACE OF MIND that you are intentionally making the most out of the precious time that you have with your children.