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Stories of Play – Process Over Product

Miss 14mo has been into any and every form of drawing recently – crayons, pens, markers you name it. Here in this picture, you can hardly call her rainbow scribbles a masterpiece (Though I love it personally and am going to frame it, totally not biased at all šŸ˜‚).

But what you don’t see is how this piece of scribble art came to be. She was exploring lines, dots and drawing “round and round”, the latter being a current fascination from her interest in our ceiling fans. Through her own attempts of trial and error (and refusing my attempts at showing her), she was exploring how best to hold the crayons so it gave her the most grip and helped her make a stronger mark on the paper, a skill she’ll eventually use for writing. She was discovering the effect of different colours on paper. Last and definitely not the least, every now and then, she would be “packing up” her crayons as seen here.

Well she’s not just packing up and saving me the trouble of doing so (in fact, i had to repack after she was finished as this OCD mama can’t handle seeing the crayons go into the box from different ends). She’s developing her hand-eye coordination through carefully concentrating on slotting in each individual crayon into the narrow pocket of the crayon box.

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss the little things as “oh it’s just scribbles”, or “she’s just playing”. But play is a child’s most important work and the way they learn and discover about their world and develop important life skills.

At the end of the day, this paper of scribbles (and the thousands to come) may or may not be trashed or recycled, and there might be nothing concrete to show for her days filled with play, but the skills and things she learns in the process belong to her forever.

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