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6am: Portrait of Motherhood

Big sis self-weaned a while ago and we stopped breastfeeding for perhaps two weeks or slightly more. But just before little sis’ arrival, she started to cry uncontrollably around 5ish every morning and demand a feed to my great surprise. So apparently they can self-wean and then unwean(?) Perhaps she was starting to realise her days of being a baby was numbered and wanted to feel like my baby again. This is what happens when both kids are screaming simultaneously, one hungry one wanting comfort. How do you even choose? You can’t and you don’t want to, and thank God I didn’t have to.

Looking at both their faces today while tandem feeding, seeing them both so dependent on me to fulfill their physical and emotional needs even after carrying them for 40 weeks and going through the arduous experience of labour and childbirth, I was overwhelmed at how amazing and powerful the female body is with its ability to grow, to sustain and to nurture life. It’s so deeply humbling yet empowering at the same time and I was filled with a great sense of awe and gratefulness for the privilege of being in this thankless and relentless season of my life as a stay home mum. Through the highs and lows, the JOY and the pain, I rest in the knowledge that His GRACE is more than sufficient for me, and His strength will be made perfect in my weakness.

p.s. Credits to the hubs who took this pic on his own accord. Thank you for recognising and capturing the moments and memories that will be so precious to look back upon one day.

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