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Aussie-Themed Picture Books for Australia Day

Seeing as it’s Australia Day this Friday and we’ve been reading quite a few of these books on repeat, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Aussie-themed picture books, three of which you can actually put a tune to.

If my toddler had to choose her favourite from these, it will hands down be “We’re Going on a Croc Hunt”. In case it’s not obvious enough, it’s a spin off from the well-known “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” story and it comes with a sing-along CD. This book is permanently in our car because for perhaps 6 months now, she wants to listen to it on EVERY SINGLE CARRIDE, even those quick 2 min trips to the shops and I’m not even exaggerating. In fact, I had to duck out to the car to get the book so I can take this photo.

As for me, I absolutely love love love “I’m Australian Too”. Seriously what a gem of a picture book by one of the best authors around. Not just because the words really hit home personally, but I love how it celebrates multiculturalism, allows us to talk to our kids about migration and the delicate subject of refugees, is just such a wonderful book to encourage diversity, acceptance, inclusiveness and to discuss big broad concepts like IDENTITY, HOME and BELONGING. And the best part is, Mem Fox manages to do all this in such a fun and charming sing-song way!!

Are you a fan of any of these books too? What are some of your favourite Aussie-themed picture books?

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