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Currently On Our Playshelf (Mar 2018)

Our extremely well-loved magnatiles have been out for more than 6 months and the toddler has refused to let me pack them away all this while as she played with them every single day. However in the past month, she’s gradually gravitated towards blocks and duplo and haven’t touched the magnatiles much so I’ve been waiting to swap them out. Today was the day as she finally agreed for me to pack them away (just to the other play shelf in the girls’ room 😆) and we worked together to organise a new shelf.


The Playshelf

In place of the magnatiles, we now have a basket of our mirror blocks and rainbow blocks. These were sitting on the shelf in the girls’ room previously and it’s the number one thing that’s played with whenever the girls are playing there so I decided to bring them over to the playroom instead.

Also new to this current shelf is the tray of thrifted colourful blocks in the top left cubicle and they are from stacking game from Smiggle (very much like Jenga). I added them because they’re so open-ended and tick so many boxes of the toddler’s current interests, great for building, sorting by colour, as loose parts; great for me to build invitations to destroy for the baby, and bonus points for looking so pretty on the shelf 😆.

Other than that, our Grimms rainbow and natural stacking house from The Creative Toy Shop remain, as do the playsilks, the baby dolls, the wooden DIY peg dolls and the rainbow pebbles (except that they’re now kept in the box and only played with when bubs is napping as the toddler likes using some of the smaller parts in her play).

Finally I swapped out our books to include some “That’s not my _____ “ books for bubs to explore and did the same for our crochet loose parts and added some new ones just to keep the loose parts on offer interesting. The toddler loves adding loose parts to her play and helps herself to these whenever she wants to create a small world play in the space just to the right of this shelf (see the first image for a glimpse of how that area is usually minimally set up). In fact, she insisted that she set up the second cubicle on the top shelf all by herself 😍.

And that’s it for this current shelf 🙂

Grimms Rainbow, Grimms Natural Stacking House, Mirror Blocks, Rainbow Blocks, Rainbow pebbles: The Creative Toy Shop
Crochet Loose Parts: The Yawning Yarn
Rainbow Peg Dolls: DIY

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