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Invitation to Create with Coloured Rice – Day 9/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 9/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations.

This is an accidental invitation to create art with coloured rice on our tuff tray. Sometime last week, I dyed rice in a couple of Christmassy colours, intending to join in with Amy @playfullittlelearners#playfullittlechristmas challenge a few days ago. Unfortunately we didn’t make it then. But today when hubs got called in to work at the very last minute, instead of moping around with the kids, I decided to spread some joy and let my toddler mix her own rainbow rice instead (can 3 colours be considered a rainbow?! 😂).

I usually offer rainbow rice that’s already been mixed up but when I saw Lycie @the_paige_diaries allowing her daughter to mix her own rainbow rice some time ago, I knew I wanted to let my toddler have a go at it too.

She was thrilled to say the least and took the mixing job very seriously. To be honest, I was expecting her to haphazardly dump all the rice together in the massive tray so that she could begin playing with the rice.

But she carefully scooped the coloured rice and took great care in placing them exactly where she wanted. I had unintentionally offered up an invitation to create with rice as a loose part 😍👌🏼.

If you look at the end product, you will notice that the coloured rice is actually not evenly mixed. They were placed onto the tray creatively and intentionally, all in their designated place as a work of art. In fact, when she had finished arranging the rice, she asked me to keep the rice as it is instead of playing with them 😳.

Now I personally would not have thought to use rice to make art but I’ve since learnt that if you see with the eyes of a child, anything has the potential to BECOME.

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