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Invitation to Paint on Aluminium Foil with Cotton Buds – Day 1/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

My 23mo toddler really really loves to create and experiment with art supplies. She loves to paint, draw with chalk, pastels and markers, use sticky tape, glue etc. Just the other day I heard a loud banging sound in our back room and I found her hammering a piece of large sidewalk chalk with a wooden toy hammer and watching it disintegrate into powder.

To be honest, I have quite the collection of art supplies but I haven’t been giving her access to them as much as I’d like to. I wrote a post before of how I’m very protective of my collection and I still am (such a hard habit to break). So to work on curbing this problem of me hoarding art supplies without actually using them as well as to encourage and nurture the creative in her, I’m attempting to do daily #toddlerartinvitations for the month of December before she turns TWO on New Year’s day with an arty party 😉.

I first got the idea of ‘Invitations to Create’ from the wonderful Megan at The Art Pantry when I purchased a really inspiring eBook of hers quite some time ago. Simply put, an ‘Invitation to Create’ is basically setting up a prompt or provocation that invites your child to sit and engage in an art experience.

Here’s the first of hopefully 31 toddler art invitations coming your way which we did on Dec 1. I kept it really simple for day 1 with an invitation to paint with cotton-buds and added a couple of cookie cutters for her to make prints with if she wanted to. My kinders looooved this when I did it during my kinder teaching days so I knew my toddler most probably would too.

Doesn’t the final product remind you of tomato and mustard sauce? 🙂

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