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Invitation to Paint on Big Blocks of Ice with Food Colouring – Day 10/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 10/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations 

When it was reeeeally hot a couple of days ago, I decided to freeze a couple of massive ice blocks in preparation for a perfect cooling down invitation to create on the next hot day we had and that day was today. It went up to 37-38 deg and I was literally sweating from my eyes. I honestly could have just sat in a tub of ice all day 😣😭.

So after nap time when it was probably at its hottest, I set up this invitation to paint on big blocks of ice on the tuff tray, inspired by Nelly @learningatheart who did this with her kids a couple of days ago. To be honest, it wasn’t as huge a hit with my toddler as I had expected it to be. She loves water play and painting in general and so I thought she’d go crazy for this activity. However, she was only intrigued at the most (this being her first encounter with ice) and spent perhaps 5min painting and maybe another 5min playing with the ice (rubbing both hands over the ice and then using her cold hands to touch various parts of her body) and that was it.

It could be that it’s an unfamiliar medium for her or the fact that it’s day 1 of family visiting at the moment so she’s too excited about having other playmates aside from mummy 🤷🏻‍♀️ . The baby had a go too playing with the ice after the toddler declared she was done and she had way more fun!

I’ll definitely be trying more variations of playing and exploring with this medium in the next couple of weeks since there’s still plenty of hot days to be expected so we’ll see if she’s really just not that into ice or does she simply need to get used to a new sensory medium like when I first introduced her to oobleck 😆. She thought THAT was the nastiest thing ever 😂.

Even though the exploration was short, I thought the final masterpiece looked stunning, especially with how the ice melted and coloured the paper underneath, and how the paints seeped into the nooks and crevices of the largest ice block! 🙂

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