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Invitation to Paint on Ice with Watercolour Paint Blocks – Day 13/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 13/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Ok technically this wasn’t an invitation. This was a specific request by the toddler no less! We were out grocery shopping this afternoon and when we came home, I asked her what did she want to do after I put her baby sister down for a nap and she said “paint ice with water colours” 😳😃😁✌🏼 I was so proud!! Because one, she asked to do something creative and two, this is literally a mashup of Day 10 & Day 12’s invitations. I was even prouder that she could tell me exactly what I had to do to set it up for her.

First she told me to get the ice out from the freezer (✔ for knowing where we get ice from).

Then she told me to fill up some water in the plastic cup for washing brushes.

After some painting (without mixing the colours if I may add which makes me think she’s ready to be upgraded to the Micador 36 watercolour discs that I’ve got), the water quickly became black and she said “mummy water dirty, go and get clean water” 😳😱 (✔ for knowing the importance of using clean water to wash brushes in between changing paint colours).

And then she asked me for paper to “make handprints”👐🏼.

Oh my heart, if this is what she’s capable of after setting up merely 12 simple daily art invitations for her, I cannot wait to see what other creative ideas she will come up with for herself after an entire month of invitations to create (or a bit more seeing as I’m now slightly behind schedule haha)

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