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Invitation to Paint on Paper with Watercolour Paint Blocks – Day 12/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 12/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to paint with earth water colours today. They are actually poster colours according to Zart Art where I bought it from years ago, but they work like water colours.

This method of painting is so easy to set up, pack up, and not much mess 👌🏼. It’s the first time I’ve introduced my toddler to a water colour disc palette so this palette of 6 large discs was chosen instead of another palette with more colours but smaller discs. I have the Micador 12 & 36 watercolour palettes too and whilst I love them, I wouldn’t use them with a toddler who is learning to use it for the first time. Without the fine-motor skills to have good control of her wrist yet, it would be much more challenging to stay within the smaller disc while getting paint. The colours are more likely to get mixed up and you don’t want to set them up to fail.

For this invitation to create with a new material, I was on hand the whole time to teach and model the correct way of using the palette. I repeated the rule that we don’t mix colours and we wash the brush between each colour almost every 5s 😂. I also taught her to count to 10 while getting paint from the palette to ensure that she got enough colour on her brush (See video here).

Toddlers (and even preschoolers) are usually quite excited about this new way of adding water to a dry disc to make paint and in their excitement, most just quickly rub the wet brush once over the disc and bring it to the paper only to get disappointed that the effect on paper is more water than paint. By counting to 10 while rubbing the disc with their paintbrush, it helps to transfer more paint to the brush and results in a more vibrant colour on paper. Also, isn’t it just great to sneak in more counting practice? 🙌🏼

By the way, there are so so many other gorgeous colour palettes on the Zart Art website. I have used all the colours with my kinders before and I love them all so go check it out 🙂 The fluoro palette especially is 👌🏼 from experience!

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