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Our Favourite Natural Wooden Building Blocks

I bought these gorgeous natural-coloured wooden blocks from Zart Art during a sale about 4 years ago.

I absolutely love the look & FEEL of the raw natural finish of the blocks, the way it comes in a tray so it looks inviting for play when set up as it is, and makes packing away after use a breeze as well. I love the variety of shapes in this set, as they’re quite different to the only other set of wooden blocks we’ve got (which are the colourful patterned kmart ones that also comes in a tray) and both sets complement each other quite well in terms of not having any doubling up of the shapes.

Speaking of shapes I especially love the semicircles. I like how there are both open arc and closed semi circles here, and how they are of different sizes and my favourite of all, how the largest open arc has a flat top instead of a rounded top so it allows more possibilities for building with them.

Setting up Wooden Blocks for Play

In terms of play set up, I usually set it up in the tray on the play mat together with a couple of baskets/trays/bowls filled with different loose parts materials. My toddler is quite the expert at loose parts play and she’ll just help herself to whatever she needs for adding on to her construction like the picture above.

Sometimes I set it up on top of a mirror or next to a couple of silks just to present things a little differently and I find it really makes a difference as to the direction of the construction, whether it’s more construction-centered or more story-centered.

Anyone else would love to share some favourite ways of presenting blocks to your children? 🙂

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