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Currently On Our Playshelf (May 2017)

Thought I’d share what’s currently on our playshelf since I have not done one in a while. Miss 16mo has been showing a massive interest in pointing out and naming the colours of everything she sees so that’s pretty much our theme for our shelf at the moment, including the books we’ve got on rotation. The only exception is the baby ways book which she requests for only about 10 times a day šŸ˜…, thanks to our repeated conversations about her sister’s impending arrival and what it is that babies do.

In terms of the toys/resources on the shelf, the toddler is especially loving our Grimms rainbow (on top shelf) as well as Kiko Tanabata stars (on bottom left shelf) and has been incorporating them into her imaginative play on a daily basis. Another huge interest is sorting things according to colours so I’ve added matching sets of coloured bowls and plates, as well as a variety of colourful loose parts like bottle caps, our Chrysanthos colour wheel and some silicone clover leaf-shaped coasters. (The latter were wedding favors from a wedding my mum had attended last year and she went around all the tables collecting them for me after the event cos there were so many left behind and she thought I’d be able to find a use for them šŸ˜‚). Finally, Miss 16mo has also recently started showing interest in playing with her magnetic tiles (bottom right) so that’s now permanently out too even though I had begun introducing them to her several times in the past two months.

Next to this shelf is a play mat where I also set up invitations to play for Miss S šŸ™‚


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