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REVIEW: Invitation to Sort Colours With Soundsation’s Crystal Discovery Kit

They say “Good things come in small packages” and it really was the case with this particular Crystal Discovery Kit that we received from Soundsations earlier this morning.

These look beautiful in photos but the colours are even more stunning in real life

Here’s a close up of the gorgeous details!

Miss 2 was most attracted to the colours and attempted to name all the colours she could spot but it was quite tricky because of all the different variations and gradients in just one small bag so to help her with the task a little bit, we decided to sort them together on some natural light coloured blocks.

I must honestly say that even for me, this proved to be slightly challenging haha as for some of the rocks, the colours seemed to look different when viewed from different angles (especially the red-browns and the blue-greys!) Nevertheless, it was really quite an enjoyable experience and wonderful quality time spent “debating” with her about where each rock belonged 😆☺.

From May to July, the lovely Amie at Soundsations has kindly offered my readers and followers a 10% discount to shop all products from her online store. Simply use the code: storiesofplay at checkout ☺

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