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Whenever I post pictures of our dedicated home art space on my Instagram account, there will always be comments and messages asking what are some must-have art supplies I’d recommend for toddlers when starting to stock an art trolley or an art space for the first time. Where to Start? There are a bazillion art […]

13 Favourite Art Supplies for Toddlers That Encourage Creativity (with Limited Mess)

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This is Part 2 of a 2-part series I’m sharing about setting up a dedicated art space in our home. In the first part of this series, I shared the inspiration behind and the reasons why I decided to make space for creativity in our very tiny home, the rationale behind the choice of location […]

Home Art Space

A Dedicated Art Space in the Home (Part 2) – 10 Skills Children Gain From Having A Space to Create Independently

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A little after my firstborn turned two, which was also just after we completed the 31 Days of Invitation to Create challenge, I decided to set up a dedicated art space in our home for our children to create freely and independently whenever they chose to do so, though at that point in time and […]

A Dedicated Art Space in the Home (Part 1) – Making Space for Creativity in Our Household