Same Invitation, Different Learning Processes and Outcomes

So yesterday post afternoon naps for both girls, we were out in our yard playing for the whole afternoon til just before dinner. Miss 2 asked to do some painting so I simply set up an easy primary colours painting invitation for her on a paper plate so I could keep my eye on bubs […]

Would You Consider This Art?

Would You Consider This Art? We spent nearly two hours out in the yard yesterday evening. What started off as painting the yard with a paintbrush dipped in water, became wet chalk drawing on the pavement, became scavenging the yard for rocks and leaves and dried flowers, became sorting and arranging the natural materials onto […]

Invitation to Create New Colours with Playdough as a Medium

We’re back from our holidays! A couple of days ago, I was unpacking our suitcase filled with things we had bought as well as been gifted by family and friends on our recent holiday to Singapore when my toddler spotted a set of playdough tubs from Miniso and asked to open it. Now I’ve never bought […]

REVIEW: Invitation to Create with Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons

We’re back with another #toddlerartinvitations. Invitation to draw on a piece of paper entirely covered with intersecting straight lines. For the drawing tool, I offered the toddler Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons. This was one of the items included in our recent “Invitation to Create” giveaway. To be very honest, most of the other materials/ toys […]

Invitation to Create 3-D Sculptures with Recyclables and Craft Materials – Day 30/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 30/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations Invitation to make 3D sculptures with recycled cardboard rolls, spools and pipe-cleaners. I put the invitation in front of my toddler this morning as pictured without any suggestions as to what she could do and she immediately began to thread the pipe cleaners through the spools and the cardboard rolls. Almost […]