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So so stoked to receive a special little package in the mail this morning and it couldn’t have come at a better time to entertain Miss 2 as I woke up with a massive headache today (thanks to a certain tiny little person who cried off and on pretty much the entire night). This stunning […]

REVIEW: Invitation to Create a Small World with Wild Heart’s Play Sensory Playdough Kit

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We’re back from our holidays! A couple of days ago, I was unpacking our suitcase filled with things we had bought as well as been gifted by family and friends on our recent holiday to Singapore when my toddler spotted a set of playdough tubs from Miniso and asked to open it. Now I’ve never bought […]

Invitation to Create New Colours with Playdough as a Medium

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Day 4/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations Invitation to create with glittery PLAYDOUGH and different loose parts which we did yesterday morning. My 23mo doesn’t have the fine motor skills yet to actually roll or form things by herself using the playdough. But I discovered that if I present the playdough to her in different ways, it prompts […]

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Invitation to Create with Glittery Playdough and Various Loose Parts – Day 4/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge