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Tape Resist Process Art – A Personalised Handmade Gift

Yesterday, Miss 20mo worked on a special tape-resist art project that will be a 60th birthday gift for one of her favourite people in the world.

First up, I prepped the canvas for her by creating the word 爷 (meaning: paternal grandfather) using painter’s tape.

Next up, I provided a paint palette with 6 bold bright colours and included cotton buds and cylindrical sponges as painting tools. She had full artistic control over how she wanted to cover the entire canvas with paint and besides using the tools that were offered, of course it ended up being a fair bit of finger painting/ smearing.

Don’t you just love it when the process of creating looks even better if not as stunning as the final end-product?

We left it to dry overnight and this morning, she helped to remove the tape (hello there fine-motor skills).

She was so excited to give her beloved grandfather the gift and it’s now proudly hung up on a wall in his study.

Such a simple process art activity to create a beautiful handmade gift that will be treasured for a long time. I was not expecting this project to turn out so well considering how toddlers have a penchant for turning almost every painting into a glorious shade of murky brown. However if you would like to be certain that that does not happen, simply offer a couple of complementary colours instead of a whole buffet of rainbow colours like I had done. Another option would be to do this project over several days, allowing only 1 to 2 colours each time and letting it dry between adding new layers of colours. Happy creating 🙂

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