You have the beautiful wooden blocks.
Now you just need to know how to help your child play with them!

Your child doesn’t seem to know what to do with them and neither do you

You want to show them the potential and possibilities of block play, but you don’t even know what is possible!

Aside from stacking…

But they’re either not interested, or they’re only interested in demolishing what you’ve built


You are running out of ideas plus you don’t want to be the one initiating all the ideas, or referring them to templates to replicate all the time!

Here’s another question for you:

what if you could get them to play with blocks – AND support your child’s learning and development at the same time?

Sound too good to be true?

Hang tight. I’m about to show you exactly how.

Here’s a little known fact about blocks.

Blocks are a KEY resource in your home!

Blocks are actually a toy/resource you could use to teach ALL of the skills and concepts necessary for children to be successful learners

Not only do kids love playing with them, they support them to imagine, design, engineer, experiment, problem solve, create, build and LEARN!

They are the ultimate teacher!

Unlike many ‘regular’ toys that serve a single purpose or only hold a child’s attention for a short period of time (like a remote control car or doll), blocks:

- Are multi-purpose
- Are suitable for all ages (from babies right up to preschoolers and beyond)
- Keeps kids engaged
- Are fun and educational

(p.s. I actually strongly dislike the word ‘educational’ and I’m only using this word for lack of a better word)

What I’ve noticed though, is that many parents don’t understand just how beneficial block play actually is, and how blocks can support their child to learn (I get it, they look pretty basic, right?!)

Because of this, many parents either don’t see the value of investing in blocks OR they don’t intentionally try to make block play a priority in the home

I’m here to tell you that if you’re a parent who wants to support your child to have fun and learn at the same time...


Block Play Workshop

In this 120 min workshop, I’ll teach you

The various stages of block play and how to help move your child through the stages

How to create an environment that grabs their attention and gets them playing

How to engage in block play with your child to nurture their creativity in block play

The benefits of block play and how it supports learning and development


Here's everything that's included

“The Benefits of Block Play” Training (value $37)
“The Stages of Block Play” Training (value $97)
“Preparing The Environment” Training (value $97)
“Encouraging Block Play” Training (value $97)
Q&A Session Recording with Jules (value $97)
Bonus #1: Recommended list of blocks (value $47)
Bonus #2: Benefits of Block Play Summary Sheet (value $27)
Bonus #3: Stages of Block Play Summary Sheet (value $27)
Bonus #4: Recommended picture books list (value $27)

Total Value: $553

Today’s price: just $27

Here’s Some More Fun Facts About Me:

So in a nutshell, this workshop is for you if ...

I am a parenting coach who helps other Mums and Dads teach their kids how to play independently (so they can foster their capacity to be creative thinkers and so you can have some time out!)
Yep, I have a pretty fun job!
I’m also:
- A Mama to 3 beautiful girls under 5
- A brand new home-schooling parent
- A Singaporean who now lives in Victoria, Australia
- An ex preschool teacher (I loved being a teacher, but left when I gave birth to my first daughter).

You want to understand the benefits of block play and how it supports learning and development

You want to learn how to create the environment and invite your children to play with blocks, in a way that keeps them engaged and going back to them over and over again

You want to discover how to help your child play more creatively with blocks, expand their imagination and unlock the potential of block play

This workshop will be fun and interactive, and I’ll be sharing lots of practical examples from my own home to show you the potential of blocks that you never knew existed!

Block play is so fun and educational - your kids will be so thankful you joined us! :)