Harness the power of open-ended play


What’s Best For Our Kids

We want what’s best for our children. 


Could it be that what’s best for them, is also what’s fun and fascinating to them?

Yes! The research continues to tell us that kids NEED open-ended play. It’s how they were meant to grow and develop skills for a future that we can’t predict. 

Skills like creativity, confidence and resilience!

So, What’s Stopping Us?

We get it!

As parents ourselves- we’ve been there and we’ve seen how little changes can make all the difference.

It all starts with us. 

What Stories Of Play Is About

At Stories of Play, we are committed to championing playtime for ALL kids in ALL homes. 

We have reaped its benefits (in our own families) but also in the thousands of families we’ve supported!

We believe in the power of open-ended play in bringing out the best in our kids.

We support families to play more and play well together through our programs, guides and articles.

Make Space For Play

So how do we foster unstructured child-led play in our homes?

I've created resources including articles, courses and workshops that cover all of these topics. Here are some of My favourites:

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Open Ended Toys

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The Authentic Learning Experience

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