What Is Authentic Learning?

What is Authentic Learning?

authentic learning opportunities.

It’s my passion in this life to help Mums have more quality time with their kids (because who doesn’t love quality time – am I right?!), by supporting their children to tap into the limitless learning opportunities that exist around them.

How does authentic learning create more quality time for Mums and their kids, you ask?

Good question!

When learning happens authentically, organically and ‘on-the-go’, time for regimented and structured learning activities are no longer needed (hello, spaciousness!) This time can then be used to connect/adventure/relax or simply, be present with one another.

At Stories of Play, we believe that:

Learning Opportunities

are all around us and we don’t need to ‘teach’ our children before they will learn. They are always learning!


is in and of itself, a learning activity. There doesn’t have to be a specific learning outcome – the journey itself supports them to learn!


who embrace self-directed play, often feel less overwhelmed, and more calm, empowered and stress free.

Less activities and planning.

More connection and presence.

Never ending learning and development.

My professional and personal experience has shown me that

children who engage in self-directed play and child-led play:

Are Imaginative

Are capable decision makers

Transform boredom into creativity

Naturally discover their own areas of interests


Can problem solve

Are independent and self led

Have perseverance and determination

Are resilient and able to pick themselves up when they ‘fail’


“I used to screenshot activities I see on social media, set them up for my child and pressure him to complete them. Then when he doesn’t want to do them, I wonder why I bother setting these up in the first place.

But now I often just go with the flow and I feel like I don’t have to force anything. The biggest change so far is within myself. Letting go of expectations and not worrying about whether I’m doing enough, I realise that when I do less, they actually learn more.”
Tiffany(mum of 2.5 year old)
“Being a first-time mom, I did not really know how to go about it and have no idea on how to start a child-led play environment in the house, so I wanted to learn from the basics on creating a inclusive and conducive fun learning environment for my child at home.

Now, my 15 month old toddler is able to play independently in her own play space I have created for her based on what I have learnt from the program on creating an inviting play space.”
Jasmine(mum of 15 month old)
“My intentions and mental preparations have changed to better suit their needs and learning patterns. I can also see that they enjoy playing open-ended toys and the best result so far is that my elder one is self-motivated to approach the toys and didn’t need my presence for a good while.

If you’re thinking twice because you may not have the time to watch it or invest time to apply, then I can attest to it that you don’t have to go through ALL of the materials to be able to make a difference or change. It’s a gradual process and it takes time, yes, but there’s no regrets. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made.
Doreen(mum of 4yo & 2yo)

It is a huge myth

that we need to TEACH our children before they will LEARN.

If this were true, children would never learn how to crawl, walk or talk, would they?

The fact of the matter is, children are intrinsically wired to WANT TO LEARN. And they are capable of learning of their own accord.

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