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Invitation to Add a Second Layer of Art Medium (Coloured Sharpies) over an Existing Art Project – Day 31/31 Days of Invitation to Create

Day 31/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to add a layer of Sharpie drawings over the blocks we painted two days ago!

Guys this is such a simple set up (and clean up) yet so fun to do with my toddler!! We talked about the colours we wanted to use, we tried matching the painted blocks to the closest Sharpie colour we could find in our collection and we experimented with patterns. See the pink block between the orange and yellow blocks. That was the toddler’s attempt of drawing large dots like I did for the black block on the far right.


We also attempted to plan our designs. The series of photos here are the toddler’s attempts of creating a rainbow block.

I love that this is an invitation that she can keep going back to every now and then instead of a once-off activity, in that she can draw one block then run off to do something else and then come back to do another one which is exactly what she did.

We first started on this invitation yesterday and worked on it for about 7 minutes before she lost interest and ran off, but then she kept returning to it throughout the day and even this morning as well. It’s not finished yet as you can see from the photo but I reckon when they are, they might just become our favourite blocks to build and construct with 🙂

And that’s it!! That’s 31 invitations to create that took me 43 days to complete 😆. I’m totally doing a happy dance here right now because ONE, I can’t believe we made it 😂. TWO, I have a special announcement to make tomorrow morning on my Instagram account here. Stay tuned! 😉🤗

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