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Invitation to Create 3-D Sculptures with Recyclables and Craft Materials – Day 30/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 30/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to make 3D sculptures with recycled cardboard rolls, spools and pipe-cleaners. I put the invitation in front of my toddler this morning as pictured without any suggestions as to what she could do and she immediately began to thread the pipe cleaners through the spools and the cardboard rolls. Almost a few minutes later, she appeared to have had enough and was about to move on to something else but because this is her first time being introduced to pipe cleaners in over a year, I decided to show her what she could do with them.

I stuck a couple of the green pipe cleaners into a cardboard roll, bent them over, fanned them out and declared that I had made a tree. She was suitably impressed and proceeded to make a yellow one for herself. That was as far as it went sculpture-making wise. However, with the two trees we made, she went on to create stories after stories using them as props for at least 30 minutes after that and again after she had her nap. I’ve included two videos that I took of her creating those stories here.

So it seems like today’s invitation to create art is probably one of the least successful one in terms of actually creating art, but it did turn into a wonderful invitation to create stories so it’s still a win to me 🙂

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