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Invitation to Create a Collage with Coloured Paper Shapes on Black Paper – Day 20/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 20/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to make a collage with coloured shapes on a black piece of paper.

As you can clearly see, there were actually 4 colours and shapes that were offered for this particular invitation.

My toddler chose only the green triangles initially and when they were used up, she began using the yellow circles until every single one of those were finished too. She then declared that she didn’t want the blue and red colours and moved on to a different activity.

But then a couple of minutes later, she returned and added just a few of the other colours and told me she was making doors with the red rectangles 😂.

Here’s a picture of the final creation but don’t you think the first picture really reminds you of lemons? 🙂

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