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Invitation to Add a Second Layer of Art Medium Over An Existing Artwork – Day 19/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 19/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

So if you are following this toddler art series and think this looks a bit familiar, you’re right! Remember the invitation to explore shades of blue paint using cotton wool balls pegged onto clothespins from day 15? Well today I offered the toddler different shades of blue again from a variety of drawing tools and invited her to draw on top of her painting from the other day.

When I was a kinder teacher, I had kids who would do several pieces of artwork in one day, spending only a couple of minutes on each. They would bring 10-15 loose sheets of these creations home every day and parents tell me how they would secretly dispose of them because there’s just so many of these lying around and they keep on coming 😂🙈. I’m sure most of you would know what I’m talking about. Whilst I think there’s no harm or wrong at all in that, I also think that there’s benefit in encouraging kids to slow down and be more intentional with the creative art process which is essentially what this invitation is about.

It is to offer kids the same artwork over several occasions while providing different art materials each time, to deepen their creative process by encouraging them to spend more time on it and approach it from different perspectives, and finally have a multi-layered mixed media creation that they can be proud of.

Megan from The Art Pantry recently hosted a family canvas challenge doing exactly that, layering different wonderful art mediums on a canvas over weeks of doing art as a family. Though the challenge is officially over, check out #artpantrychallenge to be absolutely inspired!

As a continuation to this activity, I intend to offer her coloured glue to layer over her artwork next for a slightly 3D effect when it dries. Stay tuned 🙂

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