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Invitation to Create Transient Art with Rainbow Pebbles – Day 27/ 31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 27/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to create transient art with colourful rainbow pebbles in different sizes as loose parts. To be honest, I feel a little bad even considering this an invitation as I can hardly say I set up or put together anything, but I guess I did well in choosing to fill our house with good quality open-ended toys that she could always create with even without much setup on my part 😝. This was one of my 2yo’s recent birthday present from us from The Creative Toy Shop and it’s just been out as it is (still in its box no less!) for her to play with in the past few days.

The last couple of days she’s only just been sorting them according to colour (of course!), sorting them according to size and it’s just the cutest hearing her say “this is menium” 😂. But earlier when I went back into the playroom to reset things after we had put both girls down for their respective naps, I saw this on the couch and was 😍. Just to be sure she did it on her own and it wasn’t the hubs who was playing 😆, I even asked him “Did you do this??” But I’m so proud to say that the hubs had no part to play in this creation whatsoever yay!!

So excited for all the play and creative masterpieces that’s gonna come from this amazing set. The box does say suitable for 3-99 years (though my 2yo absolutely loves it) so it means the hubs, toddler and myself, plus the grandparents, uncles and aunties who visit from time to time, will all get to enjoy it ✌🏼. How much more multi-generational can a toy get? 😆

Just a note of caution, there are small pieces of these pebbles so it’s not suitable for infants or toddlers who are still mouthing, although you can simply just offer those bigger pieces for them, whichever you’re comfortable with 🙂

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