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Invitation to Create out of a Portable Art Caddy – Day 26/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 26/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to create with a portable art caddy.

It was a full on day for us/me. The hubs always has a day off on Friday so this morning we brought the kids to a water park and then brunch before going home for naps. In the afternoon, I busied in the kitchen making a few batches of green mini muffins for the baby’s BLW so I hadn’t much time to set up complicated invitations or do art activities that required supervision.

Enter this handy dandy lazy susan art caddy. It was an awesome find/steal my MIL picked up from a flea market for 2 freaking dollars!! I grabbed a bunch of different art supplies and a variety of paper, filled it up and voila, easy toddler art invitation all sorted.

The 2yo absolutely loved it and carried it around from room to room, stopped to do some drawing with the selection of supplies she had before moving on to another room 😂. She did artwork after artwork, using both coloured paper and paper doilies but the baby found and chewed a couple so we had to bin most of them 😒😆.

If anyone know where you can find a lazy susan art caddy, please share👇🏼 so we can grab a couple more 😂🙈

(Edited) So apparently, this lazy susan art caddy is actually a remote control caddy hahaha. Who would have thought!

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