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Invitation to Paint on Wooden Blocks with Watercolours – Day 29/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 29/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to paint on wooden blocks with watercolours. A few months back, I scored two sets of natural coloured Jenga type blocks for $3 from a flea market. One set was in pristine condition so I kept it aside for the toddler to use in construction play. The other set was covered in marker drawings so I decided to save them for a painting project one day and that day was yesterday. I busted them out together with our Micador’s 36 disc watercolour palette and painted them side by side with the toddler.

Here’s what all the blocks looked like painted. If you look closely, the marker drawings are still visible but I think they add character and story to the blocks 😊. In fact I think I’ll offer these painted blocks to the toddler again on another occasion for her to layer with Sharpies! Anyway in case it’s not obvious, the top most row was done by me and the bottom two rows by the toddler. She worked on the bottom most row first and it’s clear as day that she was losing interest in the activity by the end of that first row 😆😂.

On a different note, I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of our 31 days challenge, although it did take us more than 31 days to complete them in the midst of all the holidays festivities, birthday celebrations and toddler/baby tantrums in our household. I definitely overestimated my abilities of setting up daily art invitations in the middle of holiday season while juggling life with a toddler and a baby 🙈.

Well better late than never, better done than perfect isn’t it 🙂 I’m so flipping proud of myself and my toddler, and incredibly thankful that so many of you are following along and encouraging us on our journey.

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