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Invitation to Paint with Watercolours on an Acrylic Mirror – Day 25/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 25/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Hello friends!! Blessed New Year!! We took a few days off from doing the toddler art invitations because my firstborn turned 2 on New Year’s Day and we were busy with party prep before and on the actual day, and while my mum is here visiting for the birthday and available to babysit the baby, we decided to start a new family tradition of taking the birthday child out alone for some quality time with mummy and daddy 🙂

Anyway we got back to routine today and I offered a simple invitation to paint on an acrylic mirror using our Micador’s 36 disc watercolour palette. Now if you just look at these couple of pictures, you’ll think it was a wonderful session of creating by my newly-minted 2yo. Unfortunately it was more of a disaster, at least to me 🙈. I’ve offered her water colour palettes a couple of times before and she’s gotten really good at washing her paintbrush in between colours. But somehow today she constantly “forgot” to do so and kept mixing the colours despite several reminders.

To be honest, I was really frustrated because I am quite possessive of my art supplies and seeing them “messed up” made me die a little inside. But then I reminded myself the purpose of why I started this challenge in the first place. To relinquish my habit of hoarding without using and to give my toddler opportunities to develop her creative side. So I decided to put my big girl underpants on, breathed and just continued to remind her the proper way of using these materials. Thank goodness for me, these watercolour palettes make it so easy to erase the messes caused by my toddler. I used a slightly damp cloth to dab over it gently and all the wet mixed up colours were absorbed and the original colours came back yay!

Oh and then she broke my mirror 😒. But I’m totally ok with that and wasn’t frustrated in the least. To me, it’s part of how children learn to handle fragile items and I never shy away from offering them.

Art supplies on the other hand? I’m still on a journey 😆🙈

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