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REVIEW: Invitation to Create with Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons

We’re back with another #toddlerartinvitations.

Invitation to draw on a piece of paper entirely covered with intersecting straight lines. For the drawing tool, I offered the toddler Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons.

This was one of the items included in our recent “Invitation to Create” giveaway. To be very honest, most of the other materials/ toys included were things that my toddler and I have personally used before as I wanted to put together something amazing that I could vouch for. These crayons I did not personally try but I decided to include in the giveaway solely because I’ve read so many amazing reviews about it that I knew it had to be good.

Well today, I (or rather the toddler) finally got to try these highly raved gel crayons and I now know why it’s talked about so much! It glided onto the paper so easily that my toddler hardly had to exert any effort. It kinda reminded me of drawing with a lipstick haha. She’s quite the experienced “artist” now 😂😆 having drawn with so many different materials for over a year and though it’s still amazing using this now, this would have been PERFECT for when she was just starting out on the journey of drawing as it glides onto paper smoothly (great for young toddlers without a firm pencil grasp), is non-toxic and skin safe (because toddlers always draw on themselves isn’t it?) and best of all, the colour payoff is so stunningly vibrant.

I firmly believe in giving materials to children that would help them to succeed in playing and creating and this does exactly that. Nothing worse than to give a child some crayons to draw with and for it to be pale and hardly visible on paper. My toddler is experienced enough with the colour yellow to know it’s usually not very obvious on paper, so when she picked out that colour to draw with earlier, she said “Yellow no ink” but seconds later, “Oooh” 😆.

These are also apparently great for use on glass, mirror, bathtub, and even dipped in water for a paint effect so we’ll definitely be trying those surfaces and techniques next 🙂

Disclaimer: This was gifted for the purpose of a review but are my honest opinions.

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