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Airplane Busy Bag Activities for Toddlers

Hello from Singapore where my little tribe and I are having a much-anticipated holiday visiting family and friends for 12 days over the Lunar New Year! Flight was OK, the baby struggled somewhat but the toddler did well and really enjoyed all the activities I packed for her so I think we did well on a whole. This was our first time travelling as a family of 4 so I tried to be as prepared as I possibly can with activities and snacks to occupy both kids.

Here are the activities I packed for my 2yo’s busy bag – a couple of books, paper, Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons (click here for my review on this), stickers, some threading activities, a fingerprint art book, a sketching/colouring/sticker book and a couple of simple DIY activities that each only took less than 5 minutes to make which I’ll share in closer detail down below. I might have also thrown in a couple of washi tape as we ran out the door 😆🙊.

DIY Busy Bag Activity 1

Here’s a closer look at one of the clothes peg colour sorting DIY activity I made as one of the toddler’s busy bag activities/ in-flight entertainment. I had this brainwave about an hour before we were due to leave home for the airport and put it together in 5 minutes (no exaggeration!) A piece of cardboard, colourful dot stickers around the edge, matching stickers stuck onto mini clothes pegs and I had a colour-matching fine-motor activity that she declared “so fun Mummy!” ✌🏼

DIY Busy Bag Activity 2

The other simple DIY activity I brought along only took about 5 sec to put together haha and it is one of the toddler’s favourite activities to do when we go out to cafes or restaurants.

Simply peel off the backing of a page of stickers and stick it onto a piece of paper. Then have your toddler peel off and transfer all the stickers from the sticker sheet to paper. Alright to be honest, I didn’t come up with this activity. She did. The very first time I did it, I peeled off the backing so that it would make it easier for her little fingers to find the edge of the stickers and peel them off easily. But she found the paper that I had stuck the backing on (and discarded!) and proceeded to carefully stick all the smiley faces back in each hole, IN THEIR CORRESPONDING COLOUR 😳😀. Hello there fine-motor skills, colour sorting skills, hand-eye coordination 😍😆.

Anyone else have any quick, simple, easy to put together busy bag activities for keeping a toddler suitably occupied and entertained on a flight, cafe, restaurant or waiting at an appointment? I’m always looking to add new ideas to my arsenal of busy bag activities.

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