Currently On Our Playshelf (Mar 2018)

Environment as Third Teacher

Our extremely well-loved magnatiles have been out for more than 6 months and the toddler has refused to let me pack them away all this while as she played with them every single day. However in the past month, she’s gradually gravitated towards blocks and duplo and haven’t touched the magnatiles much so I’ve been […]

A Simple Trick to Encourage Toddlers to Deepen Their Play

A couple of days ago, I created a very open-ended backdrop to a small world play for my toddler with just a couple of Sarah Silks draped over milk crates and cardboard as well as a few pieces of our Grimms pastel rainbow. The playscape was open-ended in that it was purposefully set up minimally […]

Our Favourite Natural Wooden Building Blocks

I bought these gorgeous natural-coloured wooden blocks from Zart Art during a sale about 4 years ago. I absolutely love the look & FEEL of the raw natural finish of the blocks, the way it comes in a tray so it looks inviting for play when set up as it is, and makes packing away […]

Invitation to Create New Colours with Playdough as a Medium

We’re back from our holidays! A couple of days ago, I was unpacking our suitcase filled with things we had bought as well as been gifted by family and friends on our recent holiday to Singapore when my toddler spotted a set of playdough tubs from Miniso and asked to open it. Now I’ve never bought […]

Airplane Busy Bag Activities for Toddlers

Hello from Singapore where my little tribe and I are having a much-anticipated holiday visiting family and friends for 12 days over the Lunar New Year! Flight was OK, the baby struggled somewhat but the toddler did well and really enjoyed all the activities I packed for her so I think we did well on […]

REVIEW: Invitation to Create with Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons

We’re back with another #toddlerartinvitations. Invitation to draw on a piece of paper entirely covered with intersecting straight lines. For the drawing tool, I offered the toddler Lunables’ Magic Waxi Jumbo Gel Crayons. This was one of the items included in our recent “Invitation to Create” giveaway. To be very honest, most of the other materials/ toys […]

Aussie-Themed Picture Books for Australia Day

Seeing as it’s Australia Day this Friday and we’ve been reading quite a few of these books on repeat, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Aussie-themed picture books, three of which you can actually put a tune to. If my toddler had to choose her favourite from these, it will hands down be […]

Currently On Our Playshelf (Jan 2018)

Hello everyone, now that we’ve officially said goodbye to 2017 with a video snapshot of our PLAYful year (see it here), I thought we’ll belatedly say hello to the new year with a fresh playshelf in our playroom as it’s been a long while since I last shared one. If you saw the previous post […]

Invitation to Create 3-D Sculptures with Recyclables and Craft Materials – Day 30/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 30/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations Invitation to make 3D sculptures with recycled cardboard rolls, spools and pipe-cleaners. I put the invitation in front of my toddler this morning as pictured without any suggestions as to what she could do and she immediately began to thread the pipe cleaners through the spools and the cardboard rolls. Almost […]

Invitation to Add a Second Layer of Art Medium (Coloured Glue and Glitter) over a Painted Corrugated Cardboard – Day 21/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 21/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations Firstly, blessed Christmas ❤💚!! I hope everyone had a love-filled day yesterday and had plenty of cuddles with loved ones. Continuing on our toddler art series, this is another invitation to create a second layer of art over a pre-existing artwork like in day 19. Back in June, the toddler […]