How to Encourage Independent Play With Toddlers

Parents all want children who can play independently because we just need 10 minutes to drink our coffee hot, do the chores, prepare dinner etc. But did you know that there are lots of benefits for children to engage in independent play too? These include the space for creativity to flourish, the ability to self-direct […]

Play Teaches Skills That Aren’t Just Academic

Days like today, I’m so glad I always take heaps of photos of my children’s play. Tuesdays are hard days for me as the hubs work the afternoon-late night shift so basically I do the entire crazy witching hour before dinner time on my own, then dinner, bath and bedtime routine for both kids, with […]

Knowing The Child, Knowing Their Interests

I walked into the girls’ room this morning while they were playing and saw these connector manipulatives strewn across the entire floor. They were not playing with them and were engaged in something else. One rule I try to enforce in our household is if they’re done playing with an activity, it needs to be […]

Creative Mum, Creative Kids

A few days ago, I set up a toddler art invitation for my 2yo, an invitation to create fireworks using cut up recycled toilet rolls (see it here). Well at the end of the session, there was still quite a lot of paint left and not wanting to waste them, I decided to get my […]

Our Homeschool Journey

Even before the kids came along, the hubs and I had decided that when the time comes, we will eventually be going down the homeschooling route. Education has always been MY thing (my passion and my profession) and it just didn’t make sense for me personally to send my children to daycare and school only […]