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A few days ago, I set up a toddler art invitation for my 2yo, an invitation to create fireworks using cut up recycled toilet rolls (see it here). Well at the end of the session, there was still quite a lot of paint left and not wanting to waste them, I decided to get my creative on and do a bit of painting myself while the toddler was still playing out in the yard.

Now, I’m no means an artist nor do I think I have any artistic talent. But I always love engaging in creative activities myself and I want to make sure that my kids in fact SEE me engaging in, valuing and ENJOYING creative activities myself. This also goes for a lot more things I firmly believe in such as reading, love for nature, praying, being a passionate worshiper of God etc.

I truly believe that “More is Caught rather than Taught”. If you want to raise a creative child, let them see you BE CREATIVE. If you want to raise a reader, let them see you READ. If you want to raise a prayer warrior, let them see you PRAY! If you want to raise a passionate worshipper of God, let them see you WORSHIP WITH ABANDON! If you want to raise a child who loves nature, GO OUTDOORS more and let them see YOU enjoying the beauty of mother nature yourself. Whenever we’re out, I’m forever telling my 2yo to look at the colour of the leaves, the shape of the clouds etc, though it’s not like they need much telling at this age. They see far more than we do 🙂

But yeah, just a little food for thought before the start of another week. Blessed Sunday dear friends 🙂

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