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Invitation to Create on A Cardboard Roll with Dot Stickers and Markers – Day 7/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 7/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to create on a recycled cardboard roll with markers and dot stickers. Today was a really busy day, in the sense that there was not much opportunity for the toddler and I to both be home at the same time. Daddy brought the toddler swimming in the morning and when they got home, the amazing hubs took care of both kids while I went to go check out (and shop at) a warehouse that stocks amazing gorgeous open-ended play materials. Ok sorry I digressed but I think that definitely warrants a separate post 😆😉.

Anyway I was almost gonna skip an invitation to create for today but then I thought, I HAVE to do this, for those of you time-poor parents who might think that invitations to create need to be elaborate or requires plenty of prep time or working time. Not much time to set up or clean up an activity? Enter dot stickers! Seriously these little things are one of my go-tos. I always pop a couple of sheets in my nappy bag and voila, a simple no-mess activity ready to entertain while waiting at a restaurant or appointments. I usually just give her a piece of paper and let her go crazy with the dot stickers but today, I thought I’d offer it with a recycled cardboard roll as well as some markers.

Such a simple no-frills set up yet so many learning opportunities presented itself. Problem-solving for one.

Pasting stickers while the roll was upright meant it kept falling over, and doing it while it was lying down meant it kept rolling away. The toddler had to figure out how to hold the roll with one hand so that she can stick the stickers on with the other. She had to exercise hand-eye coordination and coordinate both her hands, a very tricky task for a toddler.

In this picture, she has made a face. “Two eyes and a mouth”, she said.

There was colour matching as she attempted to use the same coloured marker to draw on its corresponding coloured sticker, and great precision i.e. fine motor skills exercised as she attempted to stick the same coloured sticker on top of each other.

And now we’ve got a beautifully decorated trumpet, telescope, tunnel, pipe etc😊

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