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REVIEW: Invitation to Create a Small World with Wild Heart’s Play Sensory Playdough Kit

So so stoked to receive a special little package in the mail this morning and it couldn’t have come at a better time to entertain Miss 2 as I woke up with a massive headache today (thanks to a certain tiny little person who cried off and on pretty much the entire night).

This stunning and thoughtfully put together mini playdough kit is the latest product launch by Katie from Wild Hearts Play. If you’re not familiar with this brand, Katie stocks an amazing array of gorgeously put together themed sensory playdough kits in her shop, and they are so popular that they often sell out within hours of each restock. Her usual themed playdough kits are specially curated and come with so many wonderful bits and pieces for children (and the big kids at heart ) to create and get lost in imaginary small worlds and stories, and they are honestly such a fantastic resource for engaging little ones in sensory play, loose parts play as well as imaginative play, with all the benefits of developing fine-motor skills, language, imagination and more.

These new mini kits are only available via subscription (3/6 months) and are not available in regular restocks. They come in a different theme every month (July – Bees, Aug – Dolphins & Whales, Sep – Pandas, Oct – Primates, Nov – Horses, Dec – Penguins) and the first theme of Bees is currently open for order for the entire month of June to be shipped in July.

When we opened the package this morning, the first thing Miss 2 commented on even without me saying anything was the amazing scent of lemon from Happy Hands Happy Heart playdough that came with the kit and I’m honestly not surprised that it was her first observation. That lemony smell is DIVINE, and the playdough was incredibly SOFT! I’ve made my own playdough FOR YEARS and I can honestly say that this is the playdough to beat ALL other playdough. It would be really hard to go back to any others after having tried these 🙂

Anyway after smelling and commenting on the playdough scent, Miss 2 went on to smell everything else in the package, even the dried flowers and bees 😆. Next she lined up all the bees and counted them. Then using the flower cookie cutters provided, she made little playdough flowers to match each bee, (hello there one to one correspondence, such a crucial skill for early numeracy and counting) and counted them all again.

And then as she would normally do for almost all of her play, she used her imagination and weaved a little story. In this picture for instance, she has added a single playmags tile with a balcony, placed a peg doll and a bee there and proceeded to make them have a conversation together about making and sharing honey 😆👌🏼

Isn’t it all just so pretty? 😆😍 So pretty I couldn’t bear to pack it away for hours even after Miss 2 moved on to other activities after she finished playing with it.


Disclaimer: This was gifted for the purpose of a review but are my honest opinions.

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