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REVIEW: Invitation to Create with Rice Cereal Paints (Soundsations’ Sensory Play Prompts)

It’s been a while since I set up #toddlerartinvitations for my girls so this afternoon while they were playing out in the yard, I set up a simple invitation to paint with rice cereal paints and old makeup brushes (thanks to my SIL who did a massive cleanup of her things recently 😆✌🏼). Click here to see more photos and videos of my girls during the process of painting 🙂

This taste safe paint recipe and sensory play idea is part of Soundsations’ Sensory Play Prompts and is one of 26 well-researched activities that are safe for babies and young toddlers (0-3yo) to experience and explore. Each set of play prompts comes printed on a beautifully designed card and includes clear instructions/ easy to follow recipes as well as the benefits of all the activities suggested. For Non-Australian Residents, these come in an electronic download version here too! 🙌🏼

As a first time mum about two years ago, I spent a huge chunk of time googling and poring over Pinterest trying to find suitable developmentally-appropriate activities to engage my infant in play activities that would be beneficial to her development, even though I was professionally trained as a kinder teacher. This would have been such an amazing time-saving pack for me to have back then as a first time mum venturing into new territories of providing my infant with lots of opportunities for sensory stimulation and learning.

Even as a slightly more experienced mum now with a range of infant/ toddler play ideas under my toolbelt, I’ve still found this to be extremely helpful and will definitely be trying out some of the activities with bubs 3 when he/she arrives 🙂 This would also make the perfect baby shower gift or a 1yo birthday gift if you’re looking for one.

From May to July, the lovely Amie at Soundsations has kindly offered my readers and followers a 10% discount to shop all products from her online store. Simply use the code: storiesofplay at checkout ☺.

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