The No. 1 Toy in Our House: 10 Ways My Kids Play With Magnetic Tiles

One of the most common messages I get on my Instagram account is “What are the favourites/most-played with/must-have toys in your house?” Well today I’m casting the spotlight on our ‘Most Played With Toy’ and sitting WAY at the top of this leader-board are our Magnetic Tiles.   A Bit of Background We’ve had the […]

Our Favourite Natural Wooden Building Blocks

I bought these gorgeous natural-coloured wooden blocks from Zart Art during a sale about 4 years ago. I absolutely love the look & FEEL of the raw natural finish of the blocks, the way it comes in a tray so it looks inviting for play when set up as it is, and makes packing away […]

A Passion for Play, A Passion for Learning

Some days I can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s still only a 1yo. I see the focus and intense concentration she has when she plays and I’m just in awe and wonder. Oh she definitely does have her 2 minute concentration span and there’s a lot of those, believe you me. And […]

Stories of Play – When There Are No Rules

A beautiful morning of chalk drawing, light and shadows in our backyard. Miss S (14mo) has recently begun stacking blocks as opposed to just deconstructing them. This structure here was a collaborative effort. I modelled for her how to stack them up so that they would cast colourful shadows. She was intrigued to say the […]