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One of the most common messages I get on my Instagram account is “What are the favourites/most-played with/must-have toys in your house?” Well today I’m casting the spotlight on our ‘Most Played With Toy’ and sitting WAY at the top of this leader-board are our Magnetic Tiles.   A Bit of Background We’ve had the […]

The No. 1 Toy in Our House: 10 Ways My Kids Play With Magnetic Tiles

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So we had quite the morning today. I know this picture exudes peace and calm but the process of building the structure pictured here was nothing like it. In fact the construction in this photo was probably the fourth or fifth version of its kind before I managed to quickly snap these few shots before […]

PLAY IS – Learning Resilience, Perseverance and Mental Strength to Face Setbacks

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I bought these gorgeous natural-coloured wooden blocks from Zart Art during a sale about 4 years ago. I absolutely love the look & FEEL of the raw natural finish of the blocks, the way it comes in a tray so it looks inviting for play when set up as it is, and makes packing away […]

Our Favourite Natural Wooden Building Blocks

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Some days I can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s still only a 1yo. I see the focus and intense concentration she has when she plays and I’m just in awe and wonder. Oh she definitely does have her 2 minute concentration span and there’s a lot of those, believe you me. And […]

A Passion for Play, A Passion for Learning

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A beautiful morning of chalk drawing, light and shadows in our backyard. Miss S (14mo) has recently begun stacking blocks as opposed to just deconstructing them. This structure here was a collaborative effort. I modelled for her how to stack them up so that they would cast colourful shadows. She was intrigued to say the […]

Stories of Play – When There Are No Rules