Same Invitation, Different Learning Processes and Outcomes

So yesterday post afternoon naps for both girls, we were out in our yard playing for the whole afternoon til just before dinner. Miss 2 asked to do some painting so I simply set up an easy primary colours painting invitation for her on a paper plate so I could keep my eye on bubs […]

Would You Consider This Art?

Would You Consider This Art? We spent nearly two hours out in the yard yesterday evening. What started off as painting the yard with a paintbrush dipped in water, became wet chalk drawing on the pavement, became scavenging the yard for rocks and leaves and dried flowers, became sorting and arranging the natural materials onto […]

Invitation to Add a Second Layer of Art Medium (Coloured Glue and Glitter) over a Painted Corrugated Cardboard – Day 21/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 21/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations Firstly, blessed Christmas ❤💚!! I hope everyone had a love-filled day yesterday and had plenty of cuddles with loved ones. Continuing on our toddler art series, this is another invitation to create a second layer of art over a pre-existing artwork like in day 19. Back in June, the toddler […]

Tape Resist Process Art – A Personalised Handmade Gift

Yesterday, Miss 20mo worked on a special tape-resist art project that will be a 60th birthday gift for one of her favourite people in the world. First up, I prepped the canvas for her by creating the word 爷 (meaning: paternal grandfather) using painter’s tape. Next up, I provided a paint palette with 6 bold bright colours […]