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The Value of Exposing Children to Experiences

A beautiful morning of getting up close and personal feeding these kanga friends at Caversham Wildlife Park, just 20 min from our place yesterday.

We even got to see a mummy kanga nursing her baby joey and witness the beautiful interaction between the pair with lots of kisses and cuddles. It was the perfect opportunity for us to talk to Miss 15mo about how a mummy and her baby bond, with the imminent arrival of a newborn in our family.

When we came home in the afternoon, Miss 15mo’s play was all about feeding her dolls and stuffed animals, interesting as this theme is not a common feature of her imaginative play as yet.

It’s truly amazing how seamlessly and naturally children weave their tapestry of life experiences into their play, with every experience a deposit into their memory bank from which they’ll draw from to incorporate into and extend on their play.

It makes me more conscious of intentionally exposing her to a wide and varied range of experiences, both indoor and outdoor, and those that engage her different physical senses for the value that both breadth and differing perspectives of experiences bring.

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