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Transform Playtime with 27 Simple Fun Ideas for Developing Fine Motor Skills

GUYS!!! BIG NEWS!! It’s literally been MONTHS in the making but I’m so beyond excited to announce the launch of two amazing products that will help you TRANSFORM PLAYTIME.

The first is a specially curated FINE-MOTOR SKILLS box by the amazing The Creative Toy Shop, packed with lots of tools and materials for helping your littles work on strengthening their finger muscles and dexterity through play.

To help you have fun and get playful with your littles and to get the most out of this box, I have also teamed up with 7 other creative teacher mamas – Amy from @playfullittlelearners, Jacqui from @playful_wren, Nelly from @learningatheart, Suze from @invitationtoplay, Lycie from @the_paige_diaries, Shannon from @ohcreativeday and Casey from @littlelifelonglearners to bring you this Happy Hands eBook.


Included in this eBook are 27 simple, doable, FUN play activities that encourage your little ones to work on those crucial FINE-MOTOR SKILLS, which are so important for setting up the foundation for performing everyday life skills like buttoning/zipping a top, tying shoelaces, and academic skills like writing and scissor skills!


Invitation to Create a Structure or Transient Art with Loose Parts 

This is one of the activities which I contributed to the eBook. Simply mix and match a few different types of loose parts materials and present them invitingly on a tray with several compartments. ANYTHING GOES! From craft items, to recyclables, to natural materials and to pantry items, simply use whatever you have available on hand in your house.

This invitation to create with glitter playdough and a variety of loose parts could potentially inspire children to make imprints in the playdough using the different loose parts, or they could end up decorating a playdough cake. In the book, I also suggested how by just swapping out the playdough for another item, it could inspire a totally different type of creation, and lend itself to the creation of more 3D structures. Either way, it’s sure to inspire plenty of open ended creative play and provide lots of opportunities to work on those fine motor skills.


For more information about this eBook or to get your copy today, simply follow the link here 🙂

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  1. Nureen Ashila says:

    Hi, I would like to get copy of the Happy Hands ebook but the link was not accessible. Is there any other links for me to get copy of it? I’m currently also a preschool teacher with 2 girls.