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Invitation to Create with Grid Paper and Paint Chips – Day 11/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 11/31 days of #toddlerartinvitations

Invitation to make a picture with hand drawn grid paper and some of the paint chip samples that I’ve collected over the years from my trips to Bunnings 🙊. This was another invitation to create so that the toddler could use glue again seeing that she’s still obsessed with squeezing the glue bottle.

I set it up for the 23mo as pictured with the Colour Pantone book as inspiration but I didn’t tell her what to do or give any instructions. I was curious as to whether the lines and book would inspire her to stick the samples within the grids as opposed to just totally disregarding the lines and pasting them randomly. I was also curious as to whether she would make a pattern with the colours or just choose them at random.

To my great surprise, she was soooo intentional and actually planned her colours 😳. If you watch the video of her working here, you’ll see how she’d choose a paint sample and place it on her paper first perhaps to see how it’d look as a whole, then remove it to add the glue before finally sticking it on the chosen spot. Are 1yos supposed to be this particular and meticulous?! I was honestly blown away!

She was also intentional about the point where she declared she was finished. I had assumed that she would go right up to the end and cover every single grid on the paper. But she came to a point that she decided (and was very sure) she didn’t want to add anymore paint chip samples, even though she had already gone ahead and added glue to some of the empty spots. I didn’t even realize what she had made (because I was sitting across from her and looking at the picture upside down) until she said “one step two steps”. I was literally 😱😳😍.

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