The Process of Play – What Happens When They Play

“What Is She Making?” I sent these couple of pictures from today’s sensory play with Miss 15mo to my family and my dad’s first question was “What is this? Is it modern art?” I sighed inwardly and wondered what to reply. To be honest, I get that a lot, from what I do with Miss […]

The Right Materials and Tools for Play

I mentioned in a previous drawing post about honouring the process of play more than the end product. Today I’m coming from a different angle, that of selecting the right materials and tools. When I set up an activity for Miss 14mo in which I know there’ll be some sort of mess involved, I make […]

Stories of Play – Process Over Product

Miss 14mo has been into any and every form of drawing recently – crayons, pens, markers you name it. Here in this picture, you can hardly call her rainbow scribbles a masterpiece (Though I love it personally and am going to frame it, totally not biased at all 😂). But what you don’t see is […]