Same Invitation, Different Learning Processes and Outcomes

So yesterday post afternoon naps for both girls, we were out in our yard playing for the whole afternoon til just before dinner. Miss 2 asked to do some painting so I simply set up an easy primary colours painting invitation for her on a paper plate so I could keep my eye on bubs […]

Invitation to Create a Watercolour-Resist Painting with Oil Pastels – Day 18/31 Days of Invitation to Create Challenge

Day 18/ 31 days of #toddlerartinvitations Invitation to create a watercolour resist painting using oil pastels. I brought out the good stuff today aka Micador’s 36 disc watercolour palette as the toddler was going to handmake a birthday gift for someone very special turning 60 tomorrow. For the invitation, I drew the chinese character that represents grandma […]

The Process of Play – What Happens When They Play

“What Is She Making?” I sent these couple of pictures from today’s sensory play with Miss 15mo to my family and my dad’s first question was “What is this? Is it modern art?” I sighed inwardly and wondered what to reply. To be honest, I get that a lot, from what I do with Miss […]